Golf Tournament Time Line & Action Items

Action Item                                                               1 Year in Advance First Committee Meeting Determine Purpose, time and date Choose the golf course Create sponsor packages Start selling big sponsors Recruit new committee members. _________________________________________6 Months in Advance Develop the complete business plan Finalize the golf course and schedule details Continue selling sponsors Create a detailed budget  Create golferContinue reading “Golf Tournament Time Line & Action Items”

Golf Tournament Business Plan

Consider the following topics for inclusion in your Golf Tournament Business Plan. Start Date:     Objective:     Organizing Group: Contact:     Address:     City, State, Zip:     Phone:     Fax:     Website:     Email:   Benefiting Group: Purpose:   Tournament Date:     Registration Fees:    Continue reading “Golf Tournament Business Plan”

Glossary of Terms for Golf Outings

Ace – If a player hits the ball from the tee box into the hole with his first stroke on a par 3 and very rarely a par 4. Also called a hole in one. Adjusted Gross Score – Thisis a player’s gross score after he has adjusted for any strokes conceded, holes not played or not finished.Continue reading “Glossary of Terms for Golf Outings”

Hole #18. Building the Future for your event

“Build on what you have started” The wrap up can help ensure that your tournament will be even more successful next year. The wrap up will allow you to evaluate this year’s event and determine what went well and what needs work for next year. Follow these guidelines: Committee Evaluation Meeting – 2 weeks afterContinue reading “Hole #18. Building the Future for your event”

Hole #15. Golf Outing Day of Operations

This is game day. You have worked for several months leading up to this day. You want it to be perfect or at least run smoothly. The more that you are prepared for this day the better chance of success you have. Volunteers – As mentioned before your volunteers are the key to your success,Continue reading “Hole #15. Golf Outing Day of Operations”

Hole #14. Building Memories with Photos and Videos

Documenting your event will ensure participants remember your tournament for years to come. We recommend that you take many pictures of your tournament and its participants. Videotaping the tournament is a great idea and can be shown during the awards ceremony. There are several ways to leave your golfers with lasting impressions of your event.Continue reading “Hole #14. Building Memories with Photos and Videos”

Hole #13. Branding Your Event with signs and banners

“Make Your Event Look Big”  There is a lot of competition in the Charity Golf Tournament World. Our job is to make our tournament look bigger and better than the others to impress players and sponsors. We can make our events look bigger and better using signs and banners. Almost all charity events have theContinue reading “Hole #13. Branding Your Event with signs and banners”